Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ascend (Part 2)

My last Ascend Review was full of spoilers. Hey, you can't blame the book hangover. Anyways, I've written a (mostly) safe one on Goodreads. At least, I think it's safe. Check it out here:

Note: My ratings are a little different between my blog and Goodreads. My Goodreads review (obviously) goes with the Goodreads rating system, so it has three stars, meaning "I liked it." On my other review I rated this a 2 and a 4. 2 meaning "Read at your own risk" (I guess I can say that's true. I wish I warned myself before I read this one.) and 4 meaning "I really liked it." (Which is also true.)

If you're fine with spoilers, my other review/rant is HERE.


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