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Trylle Trilogy, #3
Reading Level and Genre: YA Fantasy
Published: January 11, 2010

Rating: 2/4 out of 5 (I will explain this later.)

[SPOILERSPOILERSPOILERSPOILER ALERTS! I am currently on a book high. I always am after reading books I love/hate. I will be typing whatever pops into my head, therefore, I may say some things that will ruin the book for you. If you have not read the book yet I would recommend you stop reading from this point forward.]

So, I just finished this book five minutes ago and there's a billion thoughts running in my head, ranging from "YAY!" to "WOW." to "BOOOO." Oh, yes. I am highly intelligent. Anyways. I loved almost all of the book. It's full of action, and suspense, and all that good stuff. I love Tove. He is such a good character. I am also glad he and Wendy got divorced. lol. That marriage was just AWKWARD... It's what follows a bit after this annulment that made me hate the book. More about that afterwards.

I love all the supporting characters in this book. I want Matt as my brother, Willa as my BFFL, and Duncan for my bodyguard. Well, I don't really see a need for a bodyguard. Friend, then. Speaking of Duncan, what happened to his clumsiness in the second book? I really missed that. It was one of my favorite parts of him. 

Wendy. Wendy Wendy Wendy. I love you, girl, but I gotta hate you, too. She was such a strong and brave character in this book. She was willing to sacrifice herself, and that's great and all, but seriously, you need some sense of self-preservation. Just a little. Get yourself killed is not going to get your kingdom saved. Still, I loved her boldness in this book. That was also what I hated. What happened to good ol' Wendy? Now all of a sudden she's a big-headed (ok, maybe not), powerful Princess/Queen and she bosses people around without really thinking about her actions (Hello, Loki.). She just changed too much in this book for me to really get used to it. It was so sudden.

And now... onto the last two characters that I'm about to rant on. LOKI. And FINN. Oh, and this kind of goes back to Wendy, too. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, WENDY??? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT ROYAL TROLL HEAD OF YOURS? Great. Now you've got me trolling (pun intended). I must say, this was the most disappointing part of the book. Finn is possibly one of the hottest male characters ever. Really, now? WHY, WENDY? She was in love with Finn, wasn't she? In the first two books? She loved him, she fought for him. Well I don't see no fighting anymore. All of a sudden, she's just "OH WAH. You didn't fight for me. I give up. Good bye. I like super-strong beautiful blondies more, anyways." And she just goes off with Loki? WHAT? (I warned you. I'm ranting.) Ok, so Wendy didn't do the deed that night right before her wedding. I get that. It would be totally wrong. But then later, she just DOES with Loki? She barely even knows him! And don't go on about this "I just have a feeling" crap! (Notice I am speaking to you guys, myself, and Wendy every alternating sentence...) When I put myself on a team (Team Gale! Team Ash! Team Jacob! WHOO! I like dark guys, ok?) I expect to be the right one. Alright, everybody does. Or at least, they wish it. But I EXPECT it. And then when it doesn't happen, BOOOO. (I couldn't think of anything more descriptive than that. Unfortunately I don't have a Tove to look at my aura.) I was TEAM FINN ALL THE WAY. ALL DA FREAKIN' WAY. I'm sorry, I'm ranting, I'm trolling, whatever. I can't help it. This is pretty good therapy. I'm actually calming down now. *breathes in, breathes out* Ok. All I can say is that I really wanted Wendy and Finn together (The first two freaking books led us that way! ... *breathe in, breathe out*) and they didn't end up together, and so I hate this book, this author, and I will never pick up a book by her again. Just kidding. :) I'm still on that book high. I get very emotional during these.

... Ok, after reading that, posting it, and signing off, I realized how mean I sounded. I loved the book. Really, I did. It's just that the events in the ending were so surprising that I was still in shock. I'm normally a happy, optimistic person. :) I hate it when I love a book, and I'm just super into it, but then all of a sudden, in the end, one event drops a bomb, and it just changes everything. So then, when I'm reviewing, that one bomb is like a mushroom cloud, spreading over my mind (great simile, huh? lol.), and I sound like I hated the book all the way through. When I didn't. It's just that the one thing happened at the end, and the end is the part that gives me a lasting impression. You get me? Haha. Moving on...

And I lied about the Wendy/Loki/Finn thing. My biggest disappointment was how short the book was. I really wished it was longer. But the story ended on a happy note, which is a good thing. I just really wish there'll be more (Like, Loki and Wendy discovering they don't work out as a couple and Wendy leaves him for Finn?) For most of the book, I was stumped. Just stumped. I was like "WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO NOW? OHNOES. THEY'RE GONNA DIE." That is a good thing. I liked being stumped and surprised. And this book certainly had its surprises, good and bad (*cue ranting about Finn*). I'm glad Oren is gone. He was a creeper. And I'm really glad Sara and Wendy and Loki worked it out (That made it sound like there was a love triangle going on... there, obviously, was not.). I just wish Sara had a bigger part. She could've been a great mother figure. 

...OMG. Speaking off mother figures, I forgot a HUGE part. ELORA! I really, really liked her in the end. I cried pretty much any part she was in the book, especially when she died. It was soooo sad and depressing and bittersweet. 

I missed Rhys and Rhiannon, too. They didn't have that big of a part in this one, either.

In summary, I loved the book, I hated the book, and I wish the book had more. It changed a lot, too. But overall, I would definitely recommend the book. I loved Switched and Torn, and Ascend was just a huge surprise (in a mostly good way). You'll like it. Especially if you're Team Loki. T_T

Goodreads summary: Third and final book in the Trylle Trilogy. 

With a war looming on the horizon, Wendy’s fate seems sealed. 

But everything she sacrificed might be in vain if she can’t save the ones she loves. 

Her whole life has been leading up to this, and it’s all coming to an end.

***Thirteen hours later, after a night of fitful sleep...

Wow. You must think I'm crazy now. I probably am. Note to self: After reading a book, wait a minimum of 12 hours until I start reviewing. Don't want to scare the followers away.


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