Thursday, January 20, 2011

Follow Friday and The Book Blogger Hop (3)

It's Follow Friday and The Book Blogger Hop, hosted by Parajunkee and Crazy for Books (respectively)! Please comment and link your blog! I'd love to check it out!

This week's question is: 

Who do you cheer for?

I hope the answer to this question doesn't have to be a sports team or anybody, because frankly, I'm not very into watching sports or pay attention to those star athletes on  TV... with the exception of the Olympics, of course. 

Who do I cheer for? Those everyday people that do little things to help change the world, one step at a time. The ones around me that help me live, make me laugh, and spread their love. The ones all over the world that do the same with the people around them. The ones that introduce the wonderful world of books to people just like us. (Yes, that means you, awesome book bloggers!)

This week's question is: 

EDIT: ***There is no Book Blogger Hop question for the week. Tweet from Jennifer M. from Crazy for Books (@crazybookblog):

"Sorry folks - No Book Blogger Hop this week. I had to go out of town for a funeral and didn't get a chance to set it up before I left."

This week in review:
-Review: Ascend by Amanda Hocking (Part 1- SPOILER ALERT)
-Review: Ascend by Amanda Hocking (Part 2- spoiler free!!)
-Review coming up... Portal by Imogen Rose
-On My Wishlist (Iron Queen, Last Dance, Ash)
-Teaser Tuesday (Portal)
-Waiting on Wednesday (Iron Queen and Iron Witch)
-My First Ever Giveaway!!! Still going strong!!! Come enter for any $10 book/Kindle book! International!

Grr... I really wish I posted more... especially reviews. There are sooo many books on my TBR pile right now! And a lot of them have deadlines! Argh... Somebody please kill school for me? I will love you forever and ever. 

Have a great weekend!! Hope you read lots of great books! :) 

Remember to...

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