Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Irresistibly Sweet Award

Aw! Getting awards make me feel so special and loved. :) Of course, this one doesn't exactly help my image, so let's just stare at these pictures for a while and remember that I'm not always sweet. Ninjas just can't spare to have some mercy.

That's right. I am sneaky, and devious, and sly, and... cute and fluffy? o_O

Um... yeah.

Anyways. I swear I have ADD. So, let's just ignore myself for a while and all look to the AWESOME MOMO from BOOKS OVER BOYS. Thank you, thank you Momo! 

Anybody with that name has to be awesome. Sorry, boys, but you just can't best our Jaces, and Wills, and Jems, and Prince Ashes, and Pucks, and Simons, and Alecs (let's just pretend he's not gay for a second), and Lucs, and Gabes, and Etienne St. Claires, and Peetas, and Gales, and Finnicks... *sigh* 

Can you take that?!?

I'm getting off topic again. So to accepted this esteemed award, I have to share four guilty pleasures and then pass it onto six sweet blogs that I love. 

Four Guilty Pleasures:
1. I think all you have to do is go back to my list above. But it's not just fictional guys. It also includes Alex Pettyfers, Taylor Lautners, Logan Lermans, Skandar Keynes', William Moseleys, Ben Barnes', Tom Feltons, David Henries, Kevin McHales, Darren Crisses, Harry Shum Jrs...

2. Glee. 
I love Darren Criss, AKA Gay Boy Who Is Not Really Gay (Thank God!)

3. Chocolate. And Sushi. Yes, two very different things, but they both go under the category of food... why not? In fact, let's just go with food. 

4. Reading. I know, DUH. But really, I don't get to read that much because of school and homework... unless I sacrifice my sleep and read past bedtime in the dark. With my cell phone. Which never turns out well in the morning at 6:15 when I have to get up for school. I'm not into reading books for school. It's just different if they make you read it. I miss Free Reading time in school. :( Wish I used it more. Even if I was enough of a book nerd then. :)

And now, to the SIX BLOGS I LOVE (might be more for the person than the actual blog...) :
And lastly, I put this picture up only because I thought it looked amazing. :) 

Anybody know where I can get one?


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