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Author Interview and Giveaway: Andrea Cremer

First off, SQUEEEE. This is my 100th post!!! 
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Anyways. On to what you came here for...

Please welcome Andrea Cremer, NYT and international bestselling author of Nightshade!

3LB: iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books AKA Lucia (Me)
AC: Andrea Cremer

Hi everyone! I’m Andrea Cremer the author of Nightshade, the first book in a YA paranormal series about wolves, witches, and secret histories.

3LB: Who or what inspired you to write? Do you have any role models?
AC: I’ve been writing since I was very small, but I didn’t think writing was something I could pursue as a career. Two years ago I was in a horseback riding accident that left me unable to walk for the summer. Since I was stuck on the couch I decided I’d try writing a novel – once I started I couldn’t stop!

3LB: Are any of your own interests represented in Nightshade?
AC: Yes! My ‘day job’ is that I’m a history professor at Macalester College in St. Paul. The world of Nightshade brings my love of history and fantasy together.

3LB: What’s the hardest part of the writing process?
AC: For me it’s getting my head out of the story once I’ve started drafting. I easily lose myself in writing but I still have obligations and things to get done in the ‘real world,’ finding a balance between writing and life is always a challenge.

Ben Barnes AKA our imaginary Ren
3LB: I love the name Renier Laroche. What’s your inspiration for all the unique names you use? 
AC: I spend a lot of time picking names for my characters. For Nightshade the Bane pack has names of French origin because that’s the genealogy and for the Nightshades’ it’s English ancestry.

3LB: I gotta ask, do you have a book playlist? If so, how did these songs inspire your writing/book/characters?
AC: I create playlists for all my books. You can find the songs on my website. Music creates the atmosphere of a scene that really lets me sink into the world I’m writing.

3LB: Do you have a dream cast for your book? 

3LB: What’s next for you after the Nightshade series?
AC: WOLFSBANE publishes in July and BLOODROSE in March 2012. After that there is a companion novel that will be in stores fall 2012. I have a new project that is still secret but will be announced soon and will appear in 2013. After that I’m working on a steampunk trilogy.

Fun Questions :)

3LB: What three people/characters would you love to meet? (They can be fictional, dead, or real and very much alive!)
AC: Remus Lupine, Elizabeth I, Jensen Ackles

3LB: What other hobbies do you enjoy aside from reading and writing?
AC: Yoga, walking my dogs, watching my guilty pleasure shows (see below) and my not guilty pleasure shows (Supernatural, X-Files, Buffy)

3LB: What are you reading now?
AC: A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

3LB: Biggest pet peeves?
AC: I can’t stand it when a song is on the radio and someone starts singing a different song over it. I’m unable to let someone read over my shoulder – it totally creeps me out. Also, vanilla ice cream.

3LB: Name one guilty pleasure you have.
AC: Gossip Girl and America’s Next Top Model

3LB: Let’s play “I say, you say!”

I say “Pack of” you say… HUNT 

I say “Black” you say… NIGHT

I say “Woof!” you say… GROWL

I say “Flower” you say… POWER

3LB: Tell us five interesting things about yourself.
  1. My birthday, August 1, is a pagan holiday. (Yes – that’s also Shay’s birthday!
  2. I have a freckle under my left eye that people always think is smudged mascara.
  3. I have three tattoos.
  4. I have two dogs and a parakeet.
  5. I think the ocean is beautiful but I’m terrified of swimming in it.
Thank you so much for having me!!

Thank you, Andrea! For more information on Andrea and her books, visit:
Links to buy Nightshade:
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Andrea has generously provided a SIGNED copy of Nightshade to one lucky commenter!

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The deets:
  • One winner will received a signed finished copy of Nightshade.
  • All regular contest rules apply.
  • Contest open to US residents. Sorry, internationals! :(
  • This contest ends Saturday, April 23rd.
  • Minimum number of entries is one, maximum number is six.
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