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Author Interview and Giveaway: Shelley Workinger

Please welcome Shelley Workinger, author of Solid!

Hi, I’m Shelley  – nice to *meet* all of you! I grew up in Maine, spent many years in New Orleans, am now living in Jersey and I ♥ them all. I am also a lifetime lover of food and books, which I get to bring to life through my YA series Solid, and my new blog, But What Are They Eating?

3LB: Who or what inspired you to write? Do you have any role models?
It was really this particular idea that inspired me to write; I’ve had thousands of possible books wander through my mind, but this is the first one that camped out and wouldn’t leave. Combined with my concern that, in the early teen years, required reading becomes so overwhelming, kids are in danger of losing the love for reading for fun entirely, Solid had a purpose for me.

3LB: Do you have anything that you need to have around you when you write, such as a specific playlist or radio station in the background?
I have an online station on Jango (it’s called “Solid” if you want to check it out) that I have set to a style of music that I like, but I try to remove songs that I know and love because they make me stop writing and start singing J

3LB: Do you write with a detailed outline, or just with a general idea?
I started the whole series with one scene; the rest sort of spider-webbed out from there. Before I started Settling (book 2 of the series) and Sound (book 3), I had a general sense of where the storyline was going, and I had a clear plan for some of the characters, but others have seemed to take on a life of their own.

3LB: Describe Solid in 5 words.
Fast fun for reluctant readers.

3LB: Who decided on the title for your novel?
Me. It seemed obvious for many reasons: the basis for the camp (the “solidity” of the kids’ bodies), the developing relationship, and the fact that these life-long transients were now grounded in one place. Solidly.

3LB: What’s next for you? What other books have you written?
Next up is book 2 of the series (Settling) in July, then book 3 (Sound) in 2012. I’d originally planned to end it there, but I’m think I might not be able to, so there could be more – wait and see!

3LB: Describe yourself in 3 words.
Mind never stops.

3LB: Do you have a favorite book or author?
The Book Thief, by Marcus Zusak

3LB: What are you reading now?
Forgive My Fins, by Tera Lynn Childs

3LB: If you had to recommend just one book to me, which would you recommend?
THE GIFT OF FEAR, by Gavin de Becker (also Protecting the Gift)

3LB: Favorite book as a child?
All of them. My mom remembers me sitting in front of bookshelf when I was 3, crying because I couldn’t read them by myself. She says she doesn’t know if I used Sesame Street or what, but that I taught myself to read shortly after that meltdown.

3LB: Biggest pet peeves?
Self-centered people – whether they think they’re better than everyone else, or they’re just oblivious to the world around them. One person told me her unique way of dealing with them: she said that when someone pushes past her on the sidewalk, or cuts her off driving, she pretends they have a sick child in the hospital; it makes her feel better to have an excuse for rudeness, even if it’s made up.

3LB: Name one guilty pleasure you have.
The Vampire Diaries

3LB: Tell us 5 interesting things about yourself.
  1. I do embarrassing things all the time; I somehow caught my bread basket on fire at a friend’s wedding reception.
  2. I have an avocado and grape Hawaiian punch pretty much every day.
  3. People constantly underestimate how strong I am, since I’m not that big.
  4. When I’m writing, I sleep so little that my friends ask if I’m a vampire.
  5. I love costumes – my personal favorite was the Mardi Gras I put together seaweed and a ball gown and dressed my boyfriend as a man in a tuxedo pretending to be a woman with a  life preserver; I’d gone down with the Titanic and drowned, and he’d stolen my seat. Yeah, nobody got it.

3LB: Is there anything else you’d like to share?
Just that I know we all have dozens of books on our TBR lists and I am so appreciative for every reader who takes a look at mine.

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