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Faustine (ARC)

Faustine (Bonfire Chronicles, #1)

Series: The Bonfire Chronicles, #1
Author: Imogen Rose
Reading Level and Genre(s): YA Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Publication Date: 2011
Source: Review ARC from author

Overall Rating: 3.5
Cover Rating: 3.5
Cover Comments: Really like the title's font and the purple background with the tree. 

Faustine is half demon and half human. Returning back to New York after a couple years at a special academy for paranormals (vampires, witches, shape shifters, the like), a whole bunch of things start going wrong: starting with the Demon King of London disappearing. Then the king's children are being killed off or disappearing. To top it all off, mysterious murders are being committed by what seems like demon-possessed vampires. While this may not seem to have anything to do with a fifteen-year-old paranormal hybrid, it actually has everything to do with her. After all, she is the daughter of the Demon King. 

Almost immediately after her return home, Faustine is thrown back into the paranormal world, right after she just left it to go back to living a human life. Because her father appointed her, Faustine has to step in and become the Demon Queen of London until her father is found again. 

Even though I'm not a demon/human hybrid, I found myself able to relate to Faustine. She tried to be a normal girl... it just didn't happen. Still, she had best friends, a nice mom, and a devoted boyfriend. Not only did Faustine have to deal with her new responsibilities as queen, she had the typical teenage issues. Rose was able to capture the teenage mind quite well (I would know, I am one). I loved the way Faustine narrated the novel. She was frustrated, stressed, scared, but she still managed to pull through. Well, kind of. The novel ended with a huge cliffhanger that left you definitely wanting more. 

I loved each of the characters, especially Ryker and Taylor. Both are very complex, mysterious characters. It's sometimes hard to decide if they're trustworthy are not. Really, nobody is fully trustworthy. After all, rule number three at Bonfire Academy is: Trust no one.

Pick up this latest novel from author Imogen Rose and you won't be disappointed if you liked her Portal Chronicles or paranormals in general. It's a twisting, fast-paced read that can pull you into the wonderful urban fantasy world Imogen Rose has created.  

Personal Thoughts (What I thought as a teen reader, not a reviewer)

This novel is very different from Portal, but there were still similar issues that I saw between the two, and that was the dialogue. It seemed stilted, and repetitive in some parts, such as "It was large, silver-bound, and  very heavy. It was definitely old; the silver was well-worn with multiple scratches on it. It was, however, polished and well cared for. It was obviously a cherished treasure. It was a book of incantations." Other than a few things like that, I liked the way Faustine was sarcastic (in pretty much every situation). She definitely seems like somebody who would be my friend.

First Line:

"I'd have to get used to all the stares."

Goodreads Synopsis:

Who is Faustine? When Faustine Spencer was five years old, she discovered a secret that changed her life forever. At twelve, her parents sent her to Bonfire Academy in Switzerland to ensure that she received the training needed to control her increasing powers.

Three years later, Faustine returns to Manhattan. All she wants is to be a typical teenager, at least, one that’s part of the in-crowd at her Upper East Side High School. When drop-dead gorgeous Ryker, her long-time crush from the Academy, finally notices her, she couldn’t be happier.

However, her desire for a normal life is shattered when her father, a prominent sovereign, disappears after naming her as his successor. Her siblings begin to disappear, and Faustine finds herself in the midst of a power struggle. With her life in danger, Faustine must learn to follow one of Bonfire Academy’s most important rules: Trust no one.


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