Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Mermaid Princess (Mini Review)

Recently I've been really busy and my TBR pile has just been adding up (especially the library portion), so I've decided to write "mini-reviews" to catch up.

The Mermaid Princess (The Mermaid Chronicles)
Title: The Mermaid Princess
Series: The Mermaid Chronicles, #1
Author: Kris Rivers
Reading Level and Genre(s): YA Fantasy
Rating: 2.5/5

Celia and Iliana are cousins who are just upon their 16th birthday when they go on a family vacation to Hawaii. They learn they are there for far more then the scenery, they are told they are Mermaids, and Celia is the next in line for the throne. Iliana becomes outraged and wages war against her cousin and the entire Mermaid Kingdom.
Can Celia stop her cousin and keep the kingdom safe, while falling in love with her betrothed? Or will Iliana rule the Underwater Kingdom in the darkest time of Mermaid History?

I liked this book for its characters, plot, setting, etc. The one thing that didn't appease me was the writing itself. I found the writing to be simplistic, and really not very descriptive. However, I understand that since this is self-published, the book doesn't go through five million re-reads and edits like "bigger" books. Ignoring some small mistakes, I found the characters interesting and enjoyable. Celia is just your average goody-two-shoes that loves everybody and is loved by all. As a child, Celia was fascinated by the sea and mermaids. Returning to Hawaii after a traumatic event concerning her ex-boyfriend, Celia is shocked to discover she herself is a mermaid, along with the rest of her family. Not only is she a mermaid, but a mermaid princess. She's the heir to the throne, and will soon take the crown as soon as she is 16. But there are complications along the way. Her own troubled cousin, Iliana, wants the title for herself. She believes herself to be the superior one and even goes to violent means to try and achieve her goals. Iliana was a character that you were just suspicious of from the start. She wasn't very likable, but I guess that's expected, since she's the "bad guy" in the story. I really liked how Rivers wrote this book from the viewpoint of many characters. Even though you learned a lot from all the POVs, there is enough mystery to keep you interested. There was much more insight that kept you well-informed and not confused (which happens sometimes with me).This book is perfect for the mermaid lover, or someone looking for an fast, exciting read that you can finish in a couple of hours.


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