Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Designing Buttons for Your Blog!

So... after receiving several, er, clients, I've decided to start a bit of a simple business concerning blog designing.  I've recently created a bunch of buttons for other blogs (and even one or two banners), and I think I'm ready for creating a simple I-make-buttons-and-you-buy-me-a-book trade. Easy, huh? If you would like to see some of the buttons I've done, just go to my About Me/Contact/Wishlist page and all the info you need is there!

If you're not satisfied with my work, I will charge you absolutely nothing. Your opinion matters to me the most! Just ask some of the people that I've helped if you would like some references. :) They're also linked on that page.

Sadly, I haven't gotten up to creating entire templates or backgrounds. Just banners and buttons. :) 

I'd love your support! If you're not in need of a button, spreading the word would be just as lovely! Thanks!


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