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Review: The Discovery of Socket Greeny (eBook Tour)

The Discovery of Socket Greeny (Socket Greeny #1)The Discovery of Socket Greeny

Series: Socket Greeny, #1
Author: Tony Bertauski
Reading Level and Genre(s): YA Science Fiction
Features: Virtual worlds
Publisher: Bertauski
Publication Date: July 13, 2010
Source: For BLB eBook Tours
Work comes first for 16-year old Socket Greeny's mother ever since his father died. That was 11 years ago. Now, in this tech-driven futuristic society, he's zoned on energy drinks and living in virtual worlds because Mom rarely comes home. He doesn't know what she does for a living. The bills get paid and the refrigerator is full, so why bother with details? His only real world thrill is fighting. He doesn't always win, but that's not the point. Breaking skin is a reality rush. 
     But a world can change in a single moment.
     It's a school day like any other, until Socket starts hearing other people's thoughts. He's hallucinating, maybe brain rot from too much virtualmode. Even when time seems to stop, he ignores it. The mind playing tricks. But when his mom arrives at school, he knows it's for real. She's there to take him to work. 
     The Paladin Agency. 
     He discovers an evolved race of humans that have existed for centuries, where thoughts can be heard. And felt. They are people that can manipulate time through the body's metabolism. They protect the rest of humankind and strive to bring them understanding of their full potential. But some Paladins see humankind as inferior. Imperfect. Cancer. 
     Socket soon finds himself in the center of controversy when he's anointed a Paladin prodigy. He didn't ask for the "blessing" of psychic powers and the ability to timeslice, he just wants to go home and be normal again. But, sometimes, life doesn't give us that privilege, his mom tells him. And when humankind is threatened and the Paladins are forced into the public eye, Socket discovers what his mother means. If he doesn't embrace his true nature, the world will change forever.
This novel started out a little slow for me, because it just didn't grab my attention as much. Sure, virtualmode sounded cool, but it just didn't keep my focus. I think that's a personal thing. However, after the Paladin Nation was revealed, along with many its secrets and mysteries, I found myself more and more into the book.

Socket is a great protagonist. He's a fast thinker, adept at fighting, and has some pretty BA mental skills. But he's also a regular guy. I really enjoyed his dialogue and his narrative, except the load of cuss words kind of threw me off a bit. Then again, if the world as you know it may or may not be overtaken but an eviler group of unstoppable people, then yeah, I guess I can give a little leeway.

I loved all the supporting characters. Genius. Each had his or her own unique personality, and they created a reliable network of friends that Socket (and I) could count on. There were also the bad guys, which frankly, you didn't exactly know who they were until the end. Meaning, you weren't sure who was bad and who wasn't. There were so many intimidating characters, it was difficult to tell if they were banded together, if they were individual villains, or if they just had some social communication issues. 

Bertauski's writing is obviously very good. I was entranced by the description of virtualmode and the Paladin headquarters, even if some parts were a little gruesome. I guess that's what comes out of fights. I felt myself being able to walk/crawl/run-for-my-life along with Socket as he fought for his own. He captured the identity of a teenage boy very well, and it's what made the entire experience seem more real.

The middle to the end was very fast paced and full of exploding things and all that good stuff. I really enjoyed the novel, however, it's not really something I will be looking for more, because I felt that the entire concept, the genre, really, is not really my type. Computers... are more guy things. As I said before, Bertauski's writing is skilled, but the book just wasn't for me. I think many other people would enjoy it though, especially if they were interested in futuristic settings with virtual computer worlds and secret agencies. Fans of spy books (e.g. Alex Rider), or maybe the Pendragon series by D.J. MacHale might try this one out.

First Line/First Paragraph/Beginning Excerpt: 

Your entire life can change in a day.
It's not like mine didn't need it. Basically, I was killing time, zoning out on a steady diet of video games and energy drinks. The one thing that made school bearable fighting at the end of the day. Sometimes, the sound of a crunching nose made life worth living. Even if it was mine.

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