Sunday, May 8, 2011

Winners of D.F.T.B.A. 400 Follower Giveaway

Whoo! I have the results of my "Don't Forget To Be Awesome" giveaway!! I hope you listened to me and did what I asked (ordered)! :) I want to thank you all again for being such awesome people and following me. There will be more and more books and fun in the future! I know, because...
  1. The bigger this blog becomes, the more authors and publishers will come requesting! (Hint, hint.)
  2. I'm trying to not procrastinate homework anymore so I can get it done, then read and blog more! (That's unlikely to happen... but one can always hope.)
  3. I'm quitting Student Council because it takes up too much time and money. And the less money that goes to StuCo, the more that goes to me and you. :D Oh, the things I do for you guys. There goes my impressive resume and Harvard! (I wasn't planning on being a lawyer, anyways.)
  4. I'm awesome. (Bet you didn't see that one coming!)
And of course, along this wonderful blogging journey (Or "odyssey." As you can probably tell, we just did Greek mythology in English. First test I've aced all year.), I've picked up a few things or two, such as:
  • Make sure you email the correct person. For instance, if the ARC you want is published by Simon and Schuster, HarperCollins probably won't be able to help you.
  • If you make a giveaway international and US only, have a way to tell the two apart. Sometimes, their name just doesn't cut it. (Oops to the first 36 people who used the giveaway form without corrections. Don't worry about it, though. I stalked you and figured out your place of residence if you won. Ooh... does that sound creepy?)
  • Cookies are delicious. Even better, they're good bribes for authors.
  • Spending all Saturday blogging is most likely going to result in Sunday night cramming. Unless, of course, by some amazing miracle you don't have any homework. (When pigs fly.)
  • Don't be afraid to be who you are. I may seem loud and obnoxious sometimes (Oh yeah I am...just don't agree so fast, 'kay?) but I can be professional. So don't worry, guys, you won't be having Youtube videos making fun of JBiebs on my reviews for horror books (which I don't read, anyways). I like sarcasm, though. Get used to it. It's who I am.
  • People in this blogosphere are some of the nicest people I've ever met. They're sweet, funny, and always willing to help. :) Maybe cookies are good bribes for them, too... Oh! Is that a shiny new ARC you have there? May I see it? I have a batch of chocolate chip in the oven now!
  • I need a credit card. The day when I will be able to make a purchase on Amazon without my mom's permission is the day I will finally feel like a woman.
I read all your comments about my blog, and I loved all the nice things you had to say about me or the blog! You guys are super amazing and just reading the comments over and over makes my day. (That sounded pitiful, didn't it?) I also listened to your more criticizing comments (Nobody stood out enough to get put onto my hit-list. ...Yes, I have a hit-list.) and made some changes to the blog. See what a great listener I am? Your wish is my command. 

Not really.
  • The song that automatically plays no longer automatically plays. :D Those of you that liked the music can now check out the "Song of the Week" on the right sidebar and just click on the play button. It's also posted on Monday as a meme. If you hated the music I played, well, sorry. But it's gone now, see? We're all happy.
  • I kept my giveaways at the top and moved the ones that weren't mine to the right sidebar for your convenience. Frankly, it annoyed me, too. Haha.
  • Want more of me? Somebody told me to put "a face to the name." So, I now have a picture of me (actually, two!) on my "About Me" page. DON'T YOU DARE GO LOOK AT IT NOW. ... Great, I probably just set you all off. Added a few more somewhat witty (Hey, I think they are) comments about me on that page... so if you're bored...
  • I'm no longer awesome.
  • Yes, it's true.
  • I bet you just re-read those last two statements over and over until it registered.
  • And no, I will not stop saying "awesome." Because I'm awesome. And the word is awesome. 'Kay?
  • One thing that didn't change: My Easter eggs did not disappear. I like them. If your computer freezes, give it a time-out, like I told my good friend on Twitter. I've discovered that written warnings or threats to call the parents work pretty effectively, too. I'm a seasonal person. I like holiday decorations. The flying kisses and falling snow and raining easter eggs and other things that usually don't come from the sky (or your computer screen) are staying!
I bet you're sick of me, now. So I'll just announce the winners. THANK YOU ALL FOR ENTERING. I LOVE YOU ALL. SADLY, MY WALLET DOES NOT.

The winner of the first prize is...
Sandra @ The Nook Worm!!!

And the three swag winners are...
Donnas @ Donna's Blog Home
Alli @ Magnet 4 Books

Congratulations!!! Once again, thank you all for entering, and stay tuned for even more awesome stuff in the future!

*All winners were chosen by and have been notified. They will have until May 11 to reply.


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