Wednesday, June 22, 2011

After Dark Tour Recap and Giveaway

I had the awesome opportunity of going to the Houston stop of the After Dark tour yesterday evening, and we had the three amazing authors up there along with special guest Sophie Jordan. It was super cool to be able to meet them in real life, especially after Tweeting or having conversations on their blogs (*cough* CAM) or fangirling about their books.
Each author started off by introducing themselves and reading a bit from their book. I'd already read Firelight and Personal Demons, so I remembered the excerpts that Sophie and Lisa read. I got the "Mary, Mary, Mary, and Mary" joke. :) I went home last night and read all of Angelfire in one sitting (actually, I was lying down...) and when the part that Courtney read showed up in the book I had a little lightbulb moment. 
Questions were asked, including things about favorite quotes, publishing, planning the book out, and future projects. CAM wrote a clue on her arm about her next project, but it was in Greek and she only flashed it once. Sadly, nobody in the audience was Greek and had a photographic memory. 
It was fun to see be able to talk a little and laugh with the authors, and I was able to get some books signed. :) When I arrived home, Original Sin was on my doorstep. I screamed in frustration because I realized I could've gotten it signed if it had come earlier. You know what booth I'm going to be looking for at ALA on Saturday.
So, because I love you all so much, I grabbed some extra swag to give to you guys (and yes, some of it is signed!). Just fill out the form to enter! :) 


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