Sunday, July 31, 2011

Birthday Palooza Guest Post: Ivy

My name is Ivy and the one and only blogger behind Ivy Reads. I am a college student, so you can see how much time I make to read for fun. I’ve always loved reading. I am an avid since elementary school. At that time, I borrowed many books from the library and would sit around all day enjoying my books. As I grew older, I found it harder to be able to read for fun, however, I still read when I had the time. Being in college now, it’s even harder. I still find the time to read because it’s necessary for me to escape the college-world at times, and just enjoy a good read.

Since I am turning 21 this year, the perfect birthday would be…not drinking! I know drinking alcohol at the age of 21 could be a big deal since you’re legally able to purchase and drink alcohol, but it’s not for me. I don’t drink and I don’t like drinking.

I would really want to have an ALA or BEA day on my 21st birthday because I have not been able to attend ALA or BEA. I would love to meet authors and check out amazing books! It would be so awesome if I were able to have this for my birthday. It would be a dream come true! Knowing that in 2015, ALA will be in the city I live in makes me more excited for ALA! Yes, it’s four years away, but whatever. I’m pretty psyched to learn that in 2015, I would be able to attend my first ALA!
Besides wanting an ALA or BEA birthday, I would love to spend time with some of my friends. It’ll be great if all my friends were able to have dinner or lunch with me because it’s so hard to do that nowadays since we’re all split up at different schools. I miss them.

Enough about MY perfect birthday, I want to say: Happy Birthday Lucia! I hope you have a great birthday and get caked! :P (I never got caked before…I wonder how it’s like.) A year old, a year wiser!

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