Thursday, August 11, 2011

Birthday Palooza: Day 12 Challenge

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It's day 12 of the birthday palooza! I hope you like to write stories just as much as you like to read them.
The rules:
  1. Grab the button (above) to show your participation.
  2. Tweet your answer with the hashtag #3LBBdayPal (you may need TweetDeck or something else that allows you to tweet longer answers).
  3. If you don't have a Twitter, just comment with your answer.
  4. You may do this any day that the giveaways are running, not just the day the post is up!
  5. Have fun! Simple, no?
You're walking down a farm road, just half a mile from home. It's a dark and stormy afternoon; lighting flashes in the sky and thunder booms and shakes the very ground. All of a sudden, you hear a screeching of tires. Before you can do anything, you're snatched up and pulled into a van. Everything goes dark.
     Several hours later, you wake, light-headed and tongue feeling like sandpaper. You're lying on a large, plush bed in a dim room. You try the door, and find it unlocked. Stepping out, you see a long, long hallway. There are no other doors in the hallway. Except one. At the very end. Where does it lead?


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