Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Birthday Palooza Guest Post: Alli

Magnet4Books' ReviewsI'm Alli (or Al- whichever) I am the only blogger that runs Magnet 4 Books' Reviews. I have been reading for as long as I can remember. And then I found my first blog, and a few months later, my blog was formed so I could obsess & fangirl over books too!  I love it so much! :)
 This year was the first birthday that I spent working- which honestly just made me feel old. I'm 23- I am NOT supposed to feel old. But alas, it happened. My birthday was on a Wednesday, and so I didn't want to take off so I could have the weekend off- so I worked. But what saved the day was two things: One: I got SLEIGHT by Jennifer Sommersby in the mail!!! and Two: I ended up going to an author signing that night (Lauren Kate), and went to Chili's with a bunch of the girls who were there- and it ended up being a lot of fun. Despite the fact that there was a terrible storm, and the electricity was out by the time I got home. I feel like birthdays get a lot of hype to them- which seems to always make them fall flat (for me). But this year, I really didn't have high expectations, and I had a lot of fun! 
As I said, I was lucky enough to get to meet Kate, and when I told her it was my birthday, she asked me if I got excited about my birthday- and I was like - of course! And she admitted that she does not really get into her birthday. Which I found very sad at the moment- but then I kind of understood. (It should also be mentioned that my birthday tends to get celebrated several times with different groups of people because - yeah. So to me, it's not the day that matters so much as the people I get to spend it with! 

Then, that weekend I got to celebrate with more of my loves! One of my best friends is a pastry chef, and she made me a tiramasu cheesecake that was TO DIE FOR! Totally worth the wait! :)
Missed out on a post or a giveaway? No worries! They're all listed on the first birthday palooza post! 


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