Friday, August 5, 2011

Birthday Palooza Guest Post: Brielle

Hey! My name's Brielle, though you can call me Bri. I'm fourteen years old. I practically live in between the pages of a book. I'm a YA reading, book blogging, wannabe author, nerdy girl. I've also been known as The Girl Who Spits Sparks. :) I'm a complete nerd, but it's okay. I come in peace. ;) 
Dear 2o-something year-old self,

This won't be long I promise. You're probably busy, if you're anything like I am right now. Right now, you tend to think up things to do every five minutes.

I just wanted to remind you of some of your hopes for when you got older. They're important to you right now, so I hope they're important to you now. that you love books, please. I don't know how you could forget, but if you have, please, pick up one now and just read. Don't put that book down until you finish it. I want you to remember how much you loved the written word, how important it was to you.

Remember that you wanted to travel before you ever tried to get in a relationship with anyone. You wanted to see the world and know who you were before that happened. It's important. Trust me.

Remember how much you love writing. Look back on all the nights you dreamed about seeing your book on the shelves, of having people come out to meet you. Remember how you used to get frustrated about how your handwriting was horrible and you'd never be able to have a nice signature.

Remember how you loved being unique, colorful. Remember how you wanted to have a streak of some wild color in your hair and wanted to have a pair of Converse in every color possible. Remember how people asked you why you couldn't just be normal and you'd answer with, “Because normal isn't real. No one is normal. Not when they stop trying.”

Trust_largeRemember that, unfortunately, you can't trust everyone, and it's not your responsibility to save those who are on the wrong path. Remember how many times someone took advantage of your worrying and used it. Remember that not all people are good people. But also remember that among all of those bad people, there are definitely the good ones. Remember that, even though dark times would disagree, the good outweigh the bad.

Most of all, remember who you are. Not who you were, but who you are. Not even who I am. I want you to look inside yourself, truly be yourself in all that you do. Don't listen to anyone who tells you that you have to be someone else. Never jump through a hoop for anyone, because it'll never be worth it.

Just remember the important things and the good times. Don't worry about the rest. You'll figure it out later.

14 year-old Brielle

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