Thursday, August 11, 2011

Birthday Palooza Guest Post: Felicia Rogers

Felicia Rogers is a new author.  
Felicia Rogers born and raised in the southern part of the United States is a Christian wife and mother. She is just your average, ordinary woman, with a side interest-- writing.
For eleven years, every waking moment of her life was consumed with changing diapers, wiping noses, and kissing scrapes. But now that her children have grown and she enjoys a modicum of freedom, in addition to taking care of hearth and home, she writes! She enjoys adding a flavor of realism and humor to her all too real romance stories. For what is love without a little laughter!
The rap of knuckles upon the door was unexpected.  Bare feet shuffled across the wooden floor.  The door opened.
            “May I help you?”
            “I’m looking for Madelyn Clevenger?”
            “You found me.”
            “Good.  Sign here please.”
            Maddie clasped the clip board, signed her name, and handed it back to the waiting delivery man.  Once the formalities were complete, a brown envelope was thrust into her hands.
            Maddie closed the door, the delivery man bounding away.  While carrying the package to the living room, Maddie noticed there was no return address.  Sitting upon the couch, a balloon knocked out of the way, she opened the brown casing.  A slip of paper fell into her hands followed by a key.
            The white paper crinkled as it opened.  Tears formed in the corner of her eyes as the handwriting was recognized.  Taking a deep breath Maddie read:
Dearest Maddie,

Happy Birthday!  I hope you are enjoying a day full of fun and relaxation on this, your sixteenth year of life.
     Regretfully, if you are reading this letter then your father and I have perished.  And in the process you’ve been left with Draoi, who I know has loved you and protected you in our absence.
     As I write this letter, you’ve just turned ten.  You’re father and I have bought you the most wonderful swing set and you two are struggling over the instructions.  You are truly your father’s child.
     But I digress; the reason this letter has been delivered to you on this day was because your father and I deemed it so.  By now, you’ve surely discovered you’re different.  You are sure to know you are special in ways beyond just being a normal girl.
     We feared telling you about your uniqueness.  Our hope was that you would be allowed to be ordinary for a long while.  But now the time has come to reveal the secret.
     Everything you need to know is within this package and it all starts with the key.

Love, Mom 
The Key is a YA paranormal romance novel.  On sale now for $2.99 at Solstice Publishing and Amazon!

Thanks to Lucia for allowing me to stop by.  Have a fabulous Birthday Palooza!

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