Monday, August 8, 2011

Birthday Palooza Guest Post: Jennifer Laurens

Jennifer Laurens is the mother of six children, one of whom has autism. She lives in Utah with her family, at the base off the Wasatch Mountains. Her novels include Overprotected and the Heavenly series. Learn more about her books at her website:
What does almost dying, drastic weight loss and eating your favorite meal out with your family all have in common? A BIRTHDAY celebration!

A couple of years ago that was me on my birthday: sick with a mysterious illness that came at me like a wrecking ball in full swing. Overnight. Knocked about 20 pounds off of me in a matter of days and left me completely drained mentally and physically. I figured it was just a random, nasty bug.

I rarely lose my appetite ( a curse--with myriads of weight loss plans gone down the tube ) and so I picked through the lovely meal, trying to smile and look enthused for my 6 children and dear hubby.

Jennifer and her son
My condition deteriorated so quickly I finally called a Dr. friend. (you ask: why didn’t you do that earlier? Again, I thought it was just another bug that would run its course) And, I’m no pushover. I’m tough. 

I described my symptoms to my doctor friend. “You have dysentery. People died from that in the old days.”

Dysentery?!?!? WHAT THE? How did I get it? I couldn’t imagine. Then I had my dear daughter – some of you may know her as “Abria” from the  “Heavenly” series to thank: I’d cleaned up a less than sanitary mess she’d left in her bedroom all over the place and – who knows what happened – I don’t want to THIK about it!

One round of antibiotics later I was back to my healthy, strapping self. ( I so wanted to maintain the svelte body left behind but alas, my body doesn’t feel comfortable svelte. )

Every time I look at our pictures from that day all I see is how out of it I was. How I had to bail on shopping and sit like a dead person in the car for the 50 mile drive home. I felt terrible that everyone had gone to the trouble of taking me out and I’d been nothing more than a slug.

The good news is I know what dysentery feels like now! Yay! I can write about it from experience.

Chalk it up.


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