Saturday, August 13, 2011

BIrthday Palooza Guest Post: Kare

Epic Book NerdHey there. We are kind of obsessed with books. My brother and I are a tag team of reviewers determined to spread the word about those books that are well... epic (OK so we also fight zombies and save the world from erratic evil wizards but that another story). Take a look around our little epic blog, Epic Book Nerd. Just sayin,K
First I want to say Happy Birthday!! *plays birthday song* Second I am making a list!! 

Kare's Perfect Birthday 

1. Cake- Everybody loves cake!! My favorite birthday cake MUST include cherry frosting and multi-colored sprinkles. However I would not be apposed to this cake
2. Glitter- Because according to Ke$ha it isn't a party with out glitter!! No really though I had this idea for a birthday party. You throw glitter at each other or maybe just in the air to watch it shine.
3. Books- Well really? As if you didn't assume that this one would be on the list. Yes books are essential for a birthday!! I mean no offence by this but sometimes it's true...
4. Presents- So as far as gifts go there are a few things that would be epic to receive! Including but not limited to anything Harry Potter, A Unicorn, a pet Dinosaur, books (again!!), but most of all I really want this box. It's either a door way to Narnia, a port key, or just a box with lights in the bottom... whatever it is I am pretty sure I want it. :P
5. A Rainy Day- I know I sound crazy, but I love rainy days! I love the way it smells. I have had a few times where there was rain on birthday and it made it that much more epic.
Again Happy Birthday, Lu and I hope you day is as epic as you are (I don't think that is even possible!!)

Missed out on a post or a giveaway? No worries! They're all listed on the first birthday palooza post! 


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