Saturday, August 13, 2011

Birthday Palooza Guest Post: Katie

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Hey guys! My name's Katie from Call Me Crazy YA Reviews and I'm the farthest thing from your everyday, average teenager. I enjoy spending most, if not all, my time listening to music and hidding behind a book. I adore reading and the amazing adventures that books can take you on.

Back in elementary school I was known for having the most kick-butt parties. My parents would always go all out by coming up with the most detailed themes, decorations and games. For when I turned eight we had a 'Hollywood Party' complete with its own red carpet, Grauman's Chinese Theater and huge red boas we all wore around our necks. But the birthday party that I remember most of all is for when I turned seven.

My mom is obsessed with the movie The Little Mermaid and has always joked that she used to watch it every day when she was pregnant with me. Which makes it easy to say that since before I was born I have been a die hard fan of Ariel and her underwater friends. So of course an obvious birthday party theme was 'Under the Sea'.

The most incredible aspect of the party was the decorations. A week before my birthday my awesome parents got on ladders and started hanging light blue, sea green and teal crate paper horizontally from our vaulted ceilings. Since the sun shined through the upper windows down onto the crate paper, it gave the entire room a bluish glow. Then the day of the party my parents turned on these little fans to get the paper to sway back and forth so it looked like it was the waves of the ocean. When you stood underneath it truly felt like you were under water. There were also sea critters that were hanging from the walls, tons upon tons of balloons and an awesome table center piece.

The games were so creative: we played 'Pin the Fin on Flounder', a sea-themed 'Bozo Buckets', and tons of others too. Even the party favors had a lot of thought put into them. My mom had spent the entire month painting small treasure chests to put everyone's goodies in. It was complete with a "Dinglehopper" (a teal plastic fork), gold coins (chocolate and a limited edition coin my dad gotten all of us), and some other awesome things too.

Just last year I had ran into one of the girls that was at the party and she brought up the crate paper- covered ceiling and the treasure chest goodie boxes. It was so cool to know that all my parents' hard work has not only been remembered by me, but also the kids that attended the party eleven years ago. My seventh birthday party will always have a special place in my heart. I hope this birthday for Lucia will mean as much as my seventh birthday has meant to me.

Happy Birthday Lucia!

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