Sunday, August 7, 2011

Birthday Palooza Guest Post: Kreag

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I'm Kreag. I am the fifteen year old blogger behind I Devour Books. I am also a boy, for those that did not know. I love reading and writing, they are my main passions. I hope to become a published author one day, though I don't know if that's gonna actually happen or not. I also enjoy acting, which I would love to do as a job, once again something I don't think is gonna work out. I love to review books, and my favorite genres are paranormal (romance) and dystopian.
Well, since I have had pretty much all equally awesome birthdays up until now, I figured I would create what I believe to be the perfect birthday.  Here it is:

I wake up in the morning to see a small wrapped present on my bedside table. What could it be? I open it to discover a book I have been pining for for a very long time, and now I finally have it. This is a great start to my birthday. I get out of bed, placing my new book on my pillow for reading sometime during the day. I smell the wonderful smell of bacon wafting in from the kitchen. I walk out of my room and into the hall, and walk towards the dining room.  Once I get there, I see a giant plate of bacon and eggs and toast, just begging to be eaten. My family is all sitting there, waiting for me to dig in. They all wish me a happy birthday as I begin to eat. When I'm done, my mother takes the plates away and my father tells me we are going for a ride. We all get dressed for the day, and we gather into the car. 

We drive for a few minutes until the local Six Flags amusement park looms before us. We find a parking spot and jump out of the car. We enter the park, and I see a group of my friends walking towards me.  They call out, and I ask my parents if I can hang out with the others for a while. They say sure and head of with my little siblings towards the kiddie rides. Me and my friends hang out till around lunch time, and then we find my parents, who buy us lunch and some sodas, and then me and friends run back to what we were doing. A couple hours later my parents find me and tell me we have to head out and do some other things. I say goodbye to my friends and leave the park with my family.  We drive to a restaurant that looks good, and we go in and find a table. I have fish and french fries, and we all chat about life and the sort, and when we are all done, I order the biggest dessert on the menu. My parents pull out a gift bag and hand it to me. I open it to find an assortment of five books I had on my birthday list, along with the best birthday card they could give me. Homemade. designed by my siblings :)  When we get home, my parents get he kids into their pajamas and we all gather downstairs to watch a movie. We all love it and soon it is time for bed. I crawl under the covers and grab my new book, also grabbing my flashlight so I can read without the lights. I read a couple chapters, but I get drawn in and I can't stop.  Soon, I'm half way through the book before I put it down so I can drift off. I put my head down, and I am out like a light.

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