Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthday Palooza Guest Post: Kris

Hi, I'm Kris. I love chocolate. Who doesn't? I also love reading; sometimes, the lights stay on in my room to early morning because a book has captivated me and refuses to let me go without finishing it. Weekends when the weather's nice, you will find me taking walks on the trail. Other days, I'm on my laptop. I blog at Kris Writes and Imaginary Reads.

I confess that it took me a while to think up a birthday post. At first, I tried thinking about my past birthday parties, but then of them come close to my ideal birthday party. I'll never get it. They're too fantastical in nature. So I decided to present to you an excerpt of what one of my ideal birthday parties would look like.

Castle of Dreams

Moonlight streams through the skylights in ceiling, so high above where she sat that she had to crane her neck to see the stars above. The light lit the platters and the small delicacies that adorned them with a soft otherworldly glow. Scattered around them, flora arched their sepals above glittering vases. The tables were arranged to perfection, but not all was well. It was too quiet. Too beautiful, like art on exhibition.

Where was everyone?

At that moment, the doors to the Grand Hall creaked open. Dexterous fingers brushed her hair back from behind her, and someone murmured, "Why are you sulking today, princess?" There was the rustle of leaves, then Puck appeared before her. "It's your birthday today, or did you forget?"

She looked at the time. It was four in the morning now. So that was why Grimalkin had woken her up so early and led her here. She'd been so sleepy that she'd forgotten the date.
Fairy lights flickered into existence. They danced around the hall, giving it a festive air. More people streamed in through the doors. Some made their way straight to her and wished her a happy birthday. Harry Potter and his friends put up a real magic show, none of those fake magician tricks that sometimes show up at a party. Afterwards, they kind of disappeared into the crowd, which was a bit of a disappointment. She'd kind of hoped to ask Hermione to tutor her or at least give her the chance to tell her how much she looked up to her and wanted to be like her. She got distracted when Etienne and Anna showed up and gave her tickets to some really old but highly recommend movies (on Anna's part).

The highlight of the day was when Meghan and Ash showed up and took her for a ride through the skies on a dragon (a real dragon!). Puck returned (where he'd gone, she didn't know). Somewhere along the way, he and Ash started bickering. It was funny to see them get thoroughly rebuked by Meghan. It's one thing to read about it and another to see it in real life. She pinched herself to keep herself from rolling off the dragon from laughing too hard, and tears sprung to life. The guys went crazy trying to apologize for getting in a fight and making her cry, which led to another argument over whose fault it was, and this time she couldn't stop herself from laughing.

She had so much fun that she was sorry to see everyone go when daybreak came, but as Grimalkin told her, it was almost time for her to wake up. Tears sprung to her eyes. While she didn't want to sound like a little kid throwing a tantrum, the words sprung from her lips. "But I don't want to leave."

Grimalkin gave her a look that told her just what he thought and twitched his tail. He would lead her back to her bed in this castle of dreams, and she would wake to the sounds of ordinary, everyday life. When she did, would she forget all that she had seen and done?

"It's all right, princess," said a familiar voice. "We'll be here when you go to sleep again."

As the last threads of an unfinished dream unraveled themselves from her mind, she woke with a smile on her face.

* * * The Not-So End * * *

Happy birthday, Lucia, and thanks for having me here!


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