Friday, August 12, 2011

Birthday Palooza Guest Post: Linda Joy Singleton

Linda Joy Singleton started writing at age 8, submitting short stories to magazines at 14 and receiving some kind rejections. She sold her first book at 30 and has since published over 35 books, including The Seer, Dead Girl, Regeneration, and Strange Encounters series. In March 2012, a spin-off from The Seer: Buried, A Goth Girl Mystery, will be published/Flux.
When I was a 14, I joined a teen square dance club called Goofers, which led to joys, heartbreaks and crazy adventures. We often performed at malls, car lots, fairs and parties. I was always a girly-girl who loved pink, short dresses and shiny jewelry. I loved twirling in square dance skirts, pettipants and dancing shoes. Mostly I loved hanging out with teen-dance friends that included my forever best friend Lori (who shared my birthday), first boyfriend Sherman and second boyfriend John.  We were all together the night our square dance caller was kidnapped!

Always having an interest in writing, I kept sporadic journals. Here’s what I wrote about the birthday I turned 16:

Linda and her boyfriend Sherman
learning to square dance
My birthday. After school, I opened my presents. I got 2 pairs of earrings, material (for sewing square dancing dresses), record case, picture album, locket and a sweet 16 statue. Sherman and Lori came over early and he gave us birthday gifts. Lori had teased she wanted a banana for her birthday so she received seven bananas at my house and one at Goofers. When we got to our club, we danced several tips. Three of us had birthdays: our square dance caller Phil, Lori and me.  I had just started to dance with Gary when Phil was grabbed by some of the guys, wrapped up like a mummy, tossed in a car and kidnapped. 

We all followed to Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour. We rode in different cars. I almost sat by Larry but maneuvered to be with John. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Phil, Lori and I. Phil and I had to wear hats. They ordered five “Zoos.” All birthday people got sundaes, toy giraffes and a giant lollypop. I loved the lollypop the most—and didn’t eat it, instead I left it wrapped and saved it as a special memento for a very long time. 

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