Friday, August 12, 2011

Birthday Palooza Guest Post: Nora

Nora Yelekli is the writer behind The Bookery, a YA/Adult book review blog featuring book reviews with attitude. Having just graduated from High School, she is planning to embark on the fun journey that is in store for the college-bound teen. However, those masses of teens will not be carting as many books as Nora plans on packing. When she's not reading, Nora is a Phineas & Ferb watching, Superman hoarding vegetarian with a whole lot of hair dye and not a lot of sleep.

Dear Younger Nora,

First off, Happy Birthday!! [also, just to embrace the bane of our December 11th birthday, 
Merry Christmas as well! Don’t get too worried though, we may hate it, but Mom will always use Christmas paper to wrap our presents. You’ll look back and smile one day, but I know it sucks now.]

I write this letter mainly to warn you of the terrors of high school and life. No one warned me, and since I have this opportunity, I wish to bestow various and numerous warnings upon you:
  • Study, for real, even though I know we can remember a lot, we tend to remember the NOT IMPORTANT THINGS! Like, after seven years, you will still be able to remember the details about the color of the neighbor’s shirt, that’s not going to help you with the Advanced Placement Exam about Government and Politics. Believe me, I know.
  • Books are our friends! You should start writing down what you’ve read, because years from now, when you get all excited for a book, only to start reading and realize you already read it, you’re going to discover Goodreads. [Also, that copy of Nightshade you borrowed from Momma Jeanne was accidentally donated to the library. You’ll find it in the Spring 2011 book sale.]
  • Take all those chances you were too shy to take. You’re going to regret not enjoying it while you can. [In the future you will have aspirations to become a pirate. I say go for it! People already look at you weird, why would a pirate hat matter?] 
  • People are terrible sometimes, but you need to remember that it does actually get better. It may go super slow, but it will be better. [And all those people who made your life miserable don’t end up going to your college at all! YIPEE!
Though these are all things I wish I knew at the time, I hope you can use this to your advantage and it makes you a better person. So, from me to you, happy birthday, and listen to my wisdom, young sailor!


PS] Start writing things down, because you’re going to experience a huge and endless bout of forgetfulness that will wreak havoc on your life! 

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