Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Birthday Palooza Guest Post: Patrick

PreviewCool. Calm. Collected. Nerdy! Yep those are some words that describe me.Im 15 years old and can drive with an adult in the passenger seat -HIGH FIVE-. I'm just your average teenage boy with an addiction… Well not a normal addiction for a teenage boy (stereotypes -tsk tsk-), I’m addicted to books.  I love to read but also in my spare time I do art and play tennis. I love to draw outside next to the pond. (It’s also a good place to read.) I spread the joy of reading by giving books to my friends and donating books to the local library. I believe everyone should read. My favorite genre at the moment is dystopian. I also love to stalk... I mean follow awesome bloggers.
Dear Old Me,

Yeah in the future you’re going to be nerdy and like to read books. So stock up on Barnes and Noble gift cards while you can. Also ask for a Nook earlier so you can enjoy the awesomeness earlier even though you hated them at first. Oh, also on your 15th birthday when you get your learners permit you slam on the gas with the car in reverse and almost run into a pole. Try not to do that. Happy Birthday! 

Yourself (Even though that sounds conceited.)

I think my greatest birthday memory would be my 5th birthday party. Boy was that fun. For my 5th birthday my parents went big so it was kind of my Sweet 5th Year. My parents rented huge bouncy houses and we had horse rides. All in my back yard. 5 year-olds' biggest dream I think so. It was a great time and probably one of my biggest parties to date.
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