Monday, August 8, 2011


So you guys may have heard about this big tournament that has been going on, and today is the most ultimate of ultimate battles. 
As you can probably see from my title, I have already pledged my loyalties to a certain dark faerie. I love Jace. I really, really do. He makes me cry, he makes me laugh. He makes me want to kiss him, he makes me want to hit him. (A lot.) He's hilarious, strong, sexy, protective... 


He and Clary have never truly been together in any of the TMI series, and that just bothers me. Maybe they'll end up together one day, but all those obstacles are starting to irritate me. All they have is a few hot kisses, and they're separated. Again.

However, Prince Ash literally went to the end of the world for Meghan. He's come to death so many times to protect her. We know he truly, truly loves her. And he can be witty, too. (Take that, Jace!)

Whereas Jace is all dark and disturbed, Ash is perfectly right in his mind and knows what he wants, and how to protect it. He may be the Ice Prince, but he'll melt your heart.

Jace is the current YA Crush King. But he's just a Shadowhunter. Ash? He's an actual prince. He knows how to rule, and even better, he knows how to dethrone.

Not only that, but if Ash wins, author Julie Kagawa has promised us another scene between Ash and Meghan.
And Ash will be shirtless. :D
Have you even read the first scene that the lovely author gave us? I almost fell off my chair.

Still unconvinced?


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