Monday, September 19, 2011

Review: Haven


Standalone or Series: Series Book #1 (No Title)
Author: Kristi Cook
Reading Level and Genre(s): YA PNR
Features: Vampires, psychics
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication Date: February 22, 2011
Source: Won from Giveaway
One month into her junior year, sixteen-year-old Violet McKenna transfers to the Winterhaven School in New York’s Hudson Valley, inexplicably drawn to the boarding school with high hopes. Leaving Atlanta behind, she’s looking forward to a fresh start--a new school, and new classmates who will not know her deepest, darkest secret, the one she’s tried to hide all her life: strange, foreboding visions of the future. 
     But Winterhaven has secrets of its own, secrets that run far deeper than Violet’s. Everyone there--every student, every teacher--has psychic abilities, 'gifts and talents,' they like to call them. Once the initial shock of discovery wears off, Violet realizes that the school is a safe haven for people like her. Soon, Violet has a new circle of friends, a new life, and maybe even a boyfriend--Aidan Gray, perhaps the smartest, hottest guy at Winterhaven. 
     Only there’s more to Aidan than meets the eye--much, much more. And once she learns the horrible truth, there’s no turning back from her destiny. Their destiny. Together, Violet and Aidan must face a common enemy--if only they can do so without destroying each other first.
I finished this book on July 14. I am now writing this review on September 3. That, my friends, is how much I procrastinate. Do not learn from me.

There was a lot of hype around this book, and I was super excited to read it. Unfortunately, it fell a little for me. I found the plot typical and predictable, with one twist that was easily solved.

Violet was an okay character; I liked her enough. I found her friends amusing and interesting characters, so I enjoyed reading about them. (Although Marissa confused me. Bipolar, much?) Aidan, while definitely attractive, was a little mature. Of course, when you're a bajillion years old, you might sound a bit old-fashioned. I was hoping for a little more relationship build-up between Violet and Aidan, rather than the I'm-attracted-to-you-and-you're-attracted-to-me-OMG-we're-totally-meant-for-each-other! excuse.

The ending rushed by very fast, much more quickly than how the rest of the book went. Overall, it was a good start for debut author Kristi Haven, and I'm excited for the rest of the series. Are you a vampire fan? A lover of paranormal romance? Then this book is for you! (That totally just sounded like a commercial. Bleh.)

First Line: I'll never forget that first glimpse of Winterhaven as we pulled up the long, curving drive- gray stones bathed in the lavender haze of dusk, looking like an old European university, all flying buttresses and stone spires reaching toward the sky.

Call me old-fashioned, but I wanted to be pursued, not the pursuer.

He called me "love." I liked that. A lot.

"I'm just glad you're okay," he said. "I heard you scream, and I ran right over."
Well, that's one way to get a guy's attention, I thought.

"So what's everyone else doing tonight?" I asked.
"Something with Jack," Kate said, smiling coyly. "Clothing is optional." 

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