Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review: So Over My Head

So Over My Head (The Charmed Life, #3)So Over My Head

Series: A Charmed Life, #3
Author: Jenny B. Jones
Reading Level and Genre(s): YA Christian Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: May 4, 2010
Source: Purchased
Newly single, stalked by a killer, and in desperate need of some chic clown shoes--Bella is one skinny mocha frapp away from total meltdown. When the Fritz Family Carnival makes its annual appearance in Truman, Bella's keen reporter instincts tell her the bright lights hide more than they reveal. Her suspicions are confirmed when one of the stars is murdered. Though the police make an immediate arrest, Bella doubts this case is quite that simple. She needs her crime-solving boyfriend, Luke, more than ever. Problem is, his ex-girlfriend has moved back to town, giving Bella some murderous thoughts of her own. Then again, there's no time for a relationship crisis when Bella's doing her best to derail her father's wedding and stay one step ahead of a killer. Is God sending her a message in all of this madness? With a murderer on the loose and her boyfriend's ex on the prowl, this undercover clown has never had more to juggle--or more to risk.
Holy poop. Wooooooowwwwwwie. This book was amazing. This entire series was awesome, fantastic, remarkable, outstanding, marvelous, superb, and every other good thing you can say about something. Jenny B. Jones is definitely the latest of my favorite authors. She is  one to look out for, guys.

Now that I've used all those adjectives, I'm not really sure how to go on. "Her writing was fantastic... wait I already used that word. Dang it." Well, I loved her writing. It was quirky and out-of-this-world LOL hilarious. (Not LOL hilarious, but laugh out loud hilarious.) Bella is an awesome (there I go again, reusing words) main character. She's strong and super funny. Maybe not kick-butt like those fighter heroines, but she's strong-willed, stubborn, intelligent, and knows how to pull those sarcastic one-liners. It's great. And all the other supporting characters? They each had their one definitive personalities and they made a *racks brain for new adjective* sensational cast. Sorry. That was the best I could come up with.

The romance? If you like hot, buff nerds, then Luke Sullivan is your guy. Dark hair, laser blue eyes? Muscular, tall form? Snarky intelligence? Is your heart a-pounding? And the best part was that Ms. Jones didn't overdo it. You know how I hate drama (if you don't, well, now you do). But this book. This book didn't have those OHMIGOSH I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM BUT I DON'T-I CAN'T-BE WITH HIM BECAUSE I'M AFRAID HE'LL BREAK MY HEART LIKE THE FIVE MILLION OTHER GUYS I'VE LOVED super long mind-paragraphs where the MC just rambles on and on and I just want to bang my head on the wall again and again... Drama is to a minimum, just the way Lucia likes.
"Spin for Enrique," the man says. You have to wonder about people who refer to themselves in third person.
I loved everything about this book. The writing, the characters, the plot... You know what, just go and get one of this lady's books. And me? I'm going onto Amazon and buying the rest of hers.

First Line:
If my love life was the knife toss at a circus, I'd have Luke Sullivan speared to the wall with an apple in his mouth.

(If I could, I would give you all my favorite quotes... but that's the majority of the book. And that would be piracy, wouldn't it?)
As I drive to the carnival after school Tuesday, I punch the button on my phone with as much consideration as one would give the command for a nuclear bomb.
"Hey, Hunter. It's me. I know, surprise, right?" Never thought I'd be calling my ex-boyfriend, pond-sludge sucker that he is. "Yeah, I'm good. Um, there's kind of a reason for my call."
"Missing me?"
Boys do they all think they God's gift to planet?
"No, I do not miss you."
"Give it time. You will."
Yeah, like the flu. I turn down my stereo as Hunter Penbrook prattles on about changing, turning his life around, mending his ways. Blah, blah, blah. Heard it all before. Even fell for it once. But never twice.
"Hey, Hunter, I hate to interrupt your dissertation on your virtues, and I think your new vegetarian diet is very noble, by the way, but I need your help."

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