Friday, April 6, 2012

All Things Asian: Vy's Blog

Welcome to All Things Asian! Visiting today is the wonderful Vy from Vy's Blog.

I'm Vy, which is pronounced just like the letter "V", and I'm the blogger behind Vy's Blog. I'm currently a high school student and I live in the lovely state of Oregon.
What were your favorite books as a kid?
Any books by Dr. Seuss, Judy Blume, and Barbara Park.
 Do you think there needs to be more diversity in young adult fiction?
There are no cons in more diversity! I would love more diversity in YA fiction.   
Do you think Asian characters and/or authors are prominent enough in young adult fiction?
I don’t think Asian characters/and or authors are prominent enough. I honestly haven’t read a lot of books by Asian authors. I’m currently in a world literature class that has opened me to more Asian literature, but not exactly in YA fiction.
How close would you say you are to Asian culture?   
I’m very close to Asian culture because of how my parents incorporate our culture into my everyday life.
What is your favorite Asian dish?   
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Bún riêu! It’s a vietnamese crab noodle soup. I’m trying to learn how to make it myself, but I’ll always want my mom to make it for me.
What is your opinion on spicy food?
BalletLove! I’m growing up in a house with a mother who loves spicy food. It’s only my mom and I who enjoy it, so eating spicy food together is one of those bonding moments.
What is a completely random fact about yourself?   
I use to be a ballet dancer! When I was younger, I was dead set on being a professional ballerina. I was this very serious child who would walk around my house wearing my little pointe shoes. Of course my interests later on changed, but I remembered that it was my first serious passion in something.
This or that:
Egg rolls or sushi? Egg rolls
Ramen or dumplings? Ramen
K-pop, J-pop, or Mandopop? K-pop
Chopsticks or fork? Chopsticks
Thank you so much for sharing, Vy! To learn more Vy and her blog, visit Vy's Blog, Facebook, or Twitter
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