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Author Interview: Javi Araguz and Isabel Hierro

Please give a warm welcome to international authors Javi Araguz and Isabel Hierro. They hope to get their novel La Estrella published in English!
Hello to everyone! We are Javi Araguz and Isabel Hierro, YA authors from Spain. We love to read, write, draw, film and all other creative things!

3LB: Who or what inspired you to write? Do you have any role models, whether in writing or life in general?
Javi: I think our inspiration is the big mountain of books, movies and comic-books that we read and collect! We always read a lot of stories and one day we decided to create one, too.
Isabel: In my case (The Star is my first novel) Javi was my role model. I’m a huge fan of his work. Also what inspired me was the atmosphere of the world where the story occurs, I think we are very influenced by movies like Blade Runner or a lot of mangas and animes we read.
3LB: Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book.
Javi: You must read The Star because is different, we tried to write an original novel.
Isabel: It is a beautiful book with drama, action and romance, set in a steampunk world.
3LB: Are any of your characters or scenes based on people/events in your own life?
Javi: I don’t remember if in The Star I put a definite personal experience, but in my other books a lot of characters are based on me and my friends.
Isabel: Yes, I think that in characters an essence of someone always exists. Sometimes the protagonist seems like somebody you know and others inspire details in the book. For example, I was inspired by a friend for the little tattoo of the Kidnapper (this is an important detail of the story) but in other cases, like action scenes or all the survivor stuff, it’s all fantasy… we don’t know anybody who has suffered all these dangerous situations!
3LB: Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published.
Javi: At the beginning, I thought my job was not important because… well, I’m just trying to entertain, but later I met awesome people who thanked me for my books. Some of those readers told me about how I made a small impact on their lives and I finally understood that my job can really be important. This is a pretty good feeling for me, to know I’m making other people a little happier.
Isabel: It's very exciting seeing my book published at last! It is a rewarding experience when the first readers tell you what they've felt reading your work. At that point, the story you've created takes life and exists outside of your mind.
3LB: What’s next for you? What other books have you written?
Javi: I have published five books now. The first is a fantasy trilogy called Komori's World about a teenage witch with very odd friends (a pumpkin-head boy, a foxkid and a guy who can dismantle his limbs) and one game-book for kids called Underground Mysteries. I’m always working on a lot of projects at the same time, but, when talking only about literature, I can mention two novels: one in solitary, called La Letter Rogue (The Red Letter), a very personal story, and another with Isabel whose title is top secret! I’m sure you will enjoy a lot.
Isabel: This secret novel has a steampunk touch. It will also be a story with a special atmosphere (we love to create entire worlds) and the characters will have to fight against many difficulties… of all types. This book has a lot of action and romance. We are writing it now and we hope to finish in a couple of months.
3LB: What three people/characters would you love to meet? (They can be fictional, dead, or real and very much alive!)
Javi: This is a hard question for me. Maybe Akira Toriyama (my favorite manga creator, I've loved his works since when I was a child… ok, and now, too!), Steven Spielberg and someone from the future!
Isabel: Only three? Tutankhamen, Michael Jackson and Hayao Miyazaki from Studio Ghibli.
3LB: You get three wishes, what are they?
Javi: Three in one: eternal youth with health (I want to do many things but do not have the time for all of them)
Isabel: Eternity, to live in a green and perfect planet, and to travel around the galaxies.
3LB: Favorite...
     Color: #ff4f01 or orange
     Food: Katsudon
     TV Show: I’m a TV series freak! 24, Entourage, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory
     Ice cream flavor: Lemon sorbet with melon. Yummy!
     Place to travel to: Japan

     Color: Purple
     Food: Maki sushi
     TV Show: Series like Game of Thrones, cartoons etc. I especially have fun with Sponge Bob!
     Ice cream flavor: Chocolate
     Place to travel to: Japan and Switzerland
3LB: Tell us five interesting things about yourselves.
  1. I can’t do only one thing. I love to write, draw, design, film and, at this moment, I’m learning to play the piano.
  2. I’m a huge fan of cinema… well, and comic-books, manga, anime etc.
  3. I enjoy cooking (and make weird experiments with food).
  4. I am very clumsy.
  5. I don't like my smile but I love to smile.
  1. I’m fascinated by trees and nature.
  2. I would like to learn something new every day.
  3. I wish I had a time machine to take the time to learn something new every day.
  4. I am a huge fan of Japan and its culture.
  5. I think I’m addicted to fantasy, whether in art, books, movies or in real life!
3LB: Is there anything else you’d like to share?
We would love to publish The Star into English for an audience like you. Using this link you can request it in your language: Thank you for your interest and all the support!
Thank you, Javi and Isabel! For more information about Mr. Araguz and Ms. Hierro and their books, visit:
The boy’s eyes glittered so strongly, presaging an imminent rupture of The Quietude. Lan was
perfectly aware of the prohibition of touching a Star Walker, but right now there was no
turning back as their fates had inevitably been sealed off.

Centuries ago a catastrophe turned Linde into a hostile place; since then, the survivors have
learned to live in isolation within the boundaries of the Safe Limits. But, the planet is
constantly subjected to a change in shape and people are lost, never return. After a violent
planetary transformation, Lan, a courageous girl from Salvia clan, wakes up in the middle of
the desert, only to be rescued by her worst enemy.

A young man marked by a curse.
A village hiding the biggest secret ever to be kept.
A love as dangerous as it is impossible.
A world whose surface is forever undergoing changes… when getting lost is the equivalent of death.


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