Sunday, June 17, 2012

The End.

Teletubby bye-bye!
It has been so much fun blogging for this past year and a half, but I think it's time that I look forward into the next part of my life. Junior year is coming up, and we all know it's the worst year of high school. I will no longer have the time to spend on blogging or even reading much. Blogging takes a lot of dedication, and I'm not really up for doing more homework (aka writing reviews).

I'm not going to delete the blog because I've spent over a year and a half writing reviews and a million other posts, and I think they'll still be a good reference for you guys. :) And maybe for sympathetic reasons... So enjoy my posts! I loved writing them, and maybe when I'm freer in the future... Well, you never know. ;)

Thank you guys for following and supporting my blog. I hope to continue going to author signings and bookish events, because now that I've been introduced to them, I can't stop going! I still love reading and I'm pretty sure I will forever. And I will continue tweeting and such. I would love to tweet books with you. Or chat books. Thank you for being an awesome blogging community. You guys are the best! Live, laugh, love, and as always,

Happy Reading!


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