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The first book I was quoted in.
*proud face*
  • Hi there! I'm Lucia (pronounced Lou-chee-ah), and I'm (just a little) obsessed with books. This is the page where I can put anything I want and make fun of anybody I want. Just kidding. It'll only be me I make fun of. 
  • I began blogging in early January of 2011 because I wanted to stop being lonely in my book love/obsession/need. Since then, I've met tons of great people who share this same book love with me. It's an awesome job! :) GO BOOK NERDS!
  • I'm your typical ABC (American born Chinese) high schooler. I sweat and stress about grades, I'm in band and orchestra, and I'd be on the tennis team if not for my condition (see "Martha and George" below.) But guess what, I'm not actually American born! I was born in Germany, but I'm a Canadian citizen. Confused yet?
  • I love followers and friends and especially commenters! Comments make me happy. They're like the sun peeking through the clouds on a rainy day. They're like cookies baking in the oven. They're like unicorns, rainbows, hugs, and all other sparkly things that make you happy (unless they're freezing blocks of ice and also drink a certain red substance that flows through our veins).
  • I'm also known as The Awesome Asian Ninja. Fear my powers and ninja skills.
  • If you ever have questions/comments/concerns (I hope not about the last one.) shoot me an email at iLiveiLaughiLoveBooks@gmail.com. Or if you just want to chat. I'm a pretty talkative person.
  • If you ever hear/read me refer to "Martha and George," don't worry. They're just my kidneys. Kudos if you understand the Percy Jackson reference. (I love Greek mythology!) Why I named my kidneys? I was diagnosed in February of 2010 with chronic MPGN. Still on my way to a full recovery, but if I was never sick I would probably never have been put on "house arrest" and never discovered the world of blogging (I'd say due to boredom). :)
My Wishlist
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Authors and Publishers (Please check out my review policy page!) :
  • I would LOVE to read and review your books! Please check out my Review Policy Page.
  • I live in Texas. If you are ever touring around the area, please tell me! I would love to meet you, maybe buy a book or two, and get them signed! :) 
  • Favorite phrase with "book" at the beginning? Book swag. Favorite phrase with "book" at the end? Signed book. Favorite acronym? ARC. Hint, hint.
  • Print and electronic books are so controversial. I do have a Kindle, but there's nothing more that I enjoy than seeing the books on my shelf pile up and being able to feel thin, papery pages and just smell the pages. Admit it. You smell them, too. 
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Thanks for visiting! I'd love to talk sometime! About books, movies, food, or whatever! (Baking is one of my other hobbies. I could watch Food Channel for days on end.)


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